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Goat Grazing & Me @ ACP!

 PRESS RELEASE // For Immediate Release // Starting this week - Saturday, June 8th June 2024 -

A sheep with a distinct black and white face stands out among a flock.

Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District (ACRPD) is partnering with “Intergrazers,” a Systems Managed Grazing organization to support landscape maintenance and fire prevention along the Arcade Creek near Garfield Ave and Hemlock Street. Grazing will encompass the trail starting at Arcade Creek Park Bridge and continue American River College. The entire trail from the crossing bridge Joe Smith Trail concluding past the Garfield Bridge and ending at the American River crossing bridge. This section of the trail will be CLOSED to users while grazing is being conducted. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy the naturally cleaned trail at the end of the grazing.


For more details and instructions pertaining to our grazing friends, please click below to access document. 

Goat Grazing & Me!.pdf








Open as of June 4th! 

Colorful playground equipment with slides and climbing structures, upside down view.
Open June 2024

Your new playground for ages 5-12 features exciting slides, climbing rope net and more will be available very soon!  With the final inspection just a few days away, your Park District is happy to provide this wonderful amenity for young people in our community.  The security fence will be removed shortly after certification of the final inspection.  Once the fence removal is complete, we welcome everyone to enjoy the new playground.


Colorful playground equipment with slides and climbing structures on wood chips, sunny day.
Open June 2024


Special note for your safety and the safety of others!  We appreciate your patience while we conclude the installation of the playground at Hamilton Street Park.  We want everyone to enjoy the playground following the removal of the security fence.  Please refrain from climbing the fence or entering the construction area while the fence is still raised. 

Non-compliance may result in temporary and/or permanent exclusion from District property based on the severity of the situation.







Posted May 21, 2024

Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District
Press Release Date:  May 21, 2024

ACRPD Press Release - New GM - Final 05-21-24.pdf


Posted May 20, 2024

Voting on Election Day? Here’s where to cast or drop off your ballot in Sacramento County!


Posted May 20, 2024

Sacramento County Election Information 2024:
Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District is an independant District governed by a five-member elected Board of Directors.  Three seats shall have terms starting this year, December 2024.  For more information to regarding public office and the regularly scheudled elections in November please contact  he Sacramento County Office of Elections.