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Oakdale Elementary School Gym

The gymnasium/cafeteria building at Oakdale Elementary School is a joint effort between the Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District and the Twin Rivers Unified School District.  Built in 2008 with grant funds awarded through the California Office of State Parks through the Office of Grants and Local Services.

The Park District has the scheduling authority for the facility and the park area on campus after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays.

The gymnasium may accomodate 200 people for a banquet and up to 300 for a public meeting,  The building is complete with a stage and sound system.

Being on a school campus this facility is a smoking, alcohol and firearms free zone under the law.

There are no tables and chairs available to use, they would need to be brought in.  Restrooms are in an adjacent building.

The facility is located at 3708 Myrtle Avenue in North Highlands, CA