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District Needs Assessment Survey Fall 2020

May contain: vegetation, plant, and plot
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The Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District Board of Directors seeks input from the District Community to guide Board decision making on park improvements and the addition of new facilities.  Please complete the survey for the park closest to where you live, or for the park you visit the most often within the Arcade Creek District boundaries..

There are several funding pools of money to accomplish this work, they are:

Impact Fees:  these are monies collected at the time a new building permit is issued. The funds may only be used to build or add new capacity, in the form of amenities to park areas in the District.

Prop 68 Per Capita Funding:  this is a set amount of funds approved by the voters of California in June of 2018 that may be used to rehabilitate and extend the life of existing facilities and can be used to provide new amenities. 

General Fund monies:  these are funds provided by the County Tax dollars collected from your property tax payment each year.  These funds typically pay for District staff salaries, and operating expenses including repair work to existing facilities when available.

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