Creating People, Parks and Programs

The Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District conducts an after school program in conjunction with the Twin River Unified School District and Oakdale Elementary School.  This program is only for students who attend Oakdale Elementary School.  Space is limited to 85 students.  Dinner is provided daily.

The program begins immediately after school gets out and ends at 6:15 p.m. daily. 

In order to attend this program:

Your child must attend Oakdale Elementary School

  • Parents and enrolled students MUST attend the “Welcome” meeting held at Oakdale. 
  • Your child must be picked up daily by someone 18 years or older.  No exceptions.  No child may walk or ride the bus home. 
  • Your child must attend the after school program daily from 3:15—6:30.  Early dismissal from the program is on a case/case basis upon discussion with parents. 
  • Your child must attend the after school program daily.   3 unexcused absences result in removal from the program.   
  • The parent and child’s behavior must be appropriate and safe for all students and staff.  You will be notified of any concerns prior to removal.  Behavior contracts will be signed by all .

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the ASES program, please complete the application and return it to the ASES after school site on the school site.  DO NOT RETURN THE APPLICATION TO THE OAKDALE SCHOOL OFFICE.

Please note: completion of the forms does not mean that your child has been placed in the program.  You will be notified when space is available.

ASES Application Form