District office

4855 Hamilton St.

Sacramento, CA  95841    916-482-8377

We are happy to announce that construction has started and is scheduled to bee completed by September 10, 2018. During this time you may continue to access the trail up to the construction zone but please do not enter the construction zone.

Additionally the college is ceasing foot traffic access to the service road on the campus side of the creek during construction. Please report anyone you see in the construction area to the Sacramento County Sheriff or the Los Rios Police immediately.

The District plans to do some trail work in the fall. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this endeavor please contact Steve Fraher, Administrator at the District Office at (916) 482-8377 or by email at sfraher@acrpd.com to sign up for this effort.

Thanks to the Sacramento Area Sewer District, American River College and Sacramento County for their cooperation to get this project going.

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Bridge Construction Continuing