Leisure Enrichment Classes

Leisure Enrichment classes allow individuals to  explore their creativity and expand their mind. Classes cover a variety of subjects and are a variety of costs and lengths from 1 day to 8 weeks.  You can register for most classes online. Clicking on the class name below will take you to the online registration with dates, hours, costs  etc;  just type the first few letters of the class name in the search line.

If you have a skill which you would like to share with our residents, please contact us about conducting a class.  Compensation is provided.

                      Taekwondo-  Taekwondo is a modern martial art, characterized by its fast movement, power  and 

                                            spinning kicks.  More than a system of self-defense, it focuses on training the mind

                                            and body  with emphasis on the moral development.Our  unique program is designed 

                                            for all ages. We strive to prepare young students for life, as well as learning important

                                            life skills in a fun, action-packed  and enriching atmosphere.  Family discount available.



                                                              Dog Obedience- Beginning -This course is designed to help you learn to communicate                                                                                                                                   with your dog. Traditional exercises include: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay and Come when called                                                                                                   plus help with a variety of dog behavior  problems. Dogs must be at least 4 months old                                                                                                       and have up  to date vaccinations. Dog Guardians must be at least 14 years  Advanced                                                                                                     class is for dogs that have gone through the beginning and intermediate classes and                                                                                                           have earned titles in some form of competition. This class is designed to advance your                                                                                                        dog training skills

Belly Dancing Ensemble -Let your inner diva out! This is no ordinary dance class, ladies. You will learn bellydance fundamentals with a gypsy,                                                         hula, burlesque flair that is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Learn to dance with gypsy skirts, veils and other props                                               to  bring out the  theatrical dancer in you!

Intro to Folk Dance - A blend of folk, country, and recreational non-partner dances from all

                                 over the world.

International Dancers of Sacramento - If you enjoy the dances of yester-year, this  class is

the perfect one for you. Dances from the 1850s-192Os,  the emphasis is on reviewing

American dance with dances from other countries as well.

                                                             2nd to None Boot Camp- Boot Camp classes combined with circuit weight training that are                                                                                                                                         full of high energy and heart pumping exercises designed to get you in the best                                                                                                                    shape  possible. 

                                                             Jackies Dance Fitness- Join our chorus line! In the first class, you'll learn the basic routines,                                                                                                                                    such as opening medley and aerobic dances. More dances will be added as classes                                                                                                         continue. Work at your own pace. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and bring a mat. 

Tai Chi-Chi Gong-  T'ai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that focuses on the  combination

                               of mind and body through movement, breathing and mental imagery.

                               Tai Chi accumulates energy, stimulates the endocrine, neural and immune

                               systems of the body, and creates balance, flexibility and tranquility.

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